What is Chlorella


Chlorella is one of the phytoplanktons, which is categorized as green algae living in fresh water. It is so small with 3 to 8 micrometers in diameter and round in shape. Chlorella was found by M.W.Beijerrinck (Bilink?), the Dutch microbiologist, and named after "chlor" which means green in Greek and "ella" which means a small thing in Latin.

Could you tell me the history of Chlorella


Chlorella was found by M.W.Beijerrinck, the Dutch microbiologist, about 130 years ago. Chlorella generates new cell very rapidly and has plenty of protein, so researchers investigated the usefulness of Chlorella to resolve the food insecurity after defeat in the war by mass cultivation. After that, the interest in Chlorella had gradually vanished, however a lot of effectiveness related to health are still investigated. People all over the world nowadays use it as a health food.

What is the effectiveness of Chlorella for our health


The following effectiveness regarding Chlorella are reported:
・preventing the decline of cognitive function
・preventing the progress of diabetes
・antistress action
・menopausal disorder, etc.