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Functional plants contain various nutritional compositions, especially they contain ingredients which condition our bodies. For example, Chlorella used as food is said that it promotes our health in accordance with "whole food" idea that nutrients contained in Chlorella complement each other. Measuring and making efficient use of such functional plants and food ingredients are important tasks to extend healthy life expectancy.
In this website, we introduce Chlorella, Eleuthero, Agaricus, Soba (fagopyrum spp.) and Mulberry(Morus alba L.) which have been proven as functional plants

What is Chlorella?

Single-celled green algae born with the diversity of organisms

What is Eleuthero?

Useful plant living in an extremely cold region

What is Agaricus?

Mushroom, a genus of Agarics having an antitumor action

What is Soba (fagopyrum spp.)?

Traditional food used in the world

What is Mulberry?

Medicinal plants which have been used since ancient times